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The River Bourne runs from Ightham, the stream crosses Roughway Lane and on towards Hadlow eventually joining the River Medway.

 My studio is in West Malling, only a short drive away but I was lucky to  have been brought up iat Roughway Farm. It is an area of productive fruit and arable farming, ancient cobnut platts and still some beautiful old cherry orchards under grazed by sheep.

From the top of the hill where there are coppiced Chestnut woodlands, you can view panoramic views of the valley , dotted with oast houses and distant churches.

The privilege of knowing a place for 50+ years is that you see so much change, some that you wish didn’t have to happen, but also much that hasn’t changed at all. Also you get to see it in all its different moods, a landscape that never seems the same from one day to the next.

Samuel Palmer found his valley of visions in Shoreham , Kent, and many artist before and since have sought and found places that for them have a  connection or are an inspiration.

The Bourne Valley is my special place with its rolling hills, pastoral vitas and ‘magic’ apple trees.

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