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I am attracted by patterns in the countryside, colours and interesting light, plus the effects of weather and seasonal change.

I am most often excited by subjects from my home county of Kent but have recently been inspired by trips to the North Yorkshire Moors, Scotland and France.


I identify strongly with the landscape tradition in British romantic and neo romantic art exemplified by artists such as Samuel Palmer and Paul Nash.
I also look to the realism found in the work of artists such as J F Millet in their strong figure work among other qualities.


A farming background helps me understand the realities of rural life today where poly tunnels, mobile homes and spraying machines have a place in my rural idyll. Whilst the hop gardens and beautiful apple and cherry orchards with magnificent huge trees that I was happily surrounded by in my childhood disappear.


These are replaced by the neat lines of carefully managed small trees of a modern orchard. There is a new beauty to be found as they define the undulating landscape.

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